Balance & Bliss Issue – Our Favorite Local Finds

1. Kelly Murray
I’m usually a pretty simple girl when it comes to coffee; just some half and half and Sweet’N Low is all I need. But this year, I’ve been spoiled with my office barista/assistant, Caylie. She makes the best cappuccino’s that she gets at Market Street, and they’re waiting for me when I walk in the office door.

2. Kathy Hodges
My favorite go-to coffee is a vanilla sweet cream nitro cold brew from The Perc Coffee House. This is a little something sweet packed with caffeine just when I need it… and under 100 calories for a win-win!!!

3. Kelly Heslep
I’m not a big coffee shop girl, however, I do love a good caramel macchiato. And no one makes them better than Sip Stir Coffee House. It’s the best way to warm up my day. Although, a small is all I ever need.

4. Charlotte Wilcox
My favorite way to drink coffee is in my pajamas, outside by the pool watching the sunrise. But I can only drink it one way, and that’s with my delicious Italian cream creamer from Whole Foods. There’s no better way to drink it!

5. Nicole Smith Woodard
My coffee order isn’t very exciting. I usually prefer my coffee black. It’s easy with no calories. My absolute favorite coffee has definitely got to be Black Mark Coffee. I love that it’s made locally and it’s always so good!

6. Rachel Bagley
I can never pass up a good chai latte and Zera Coffee in Denton has one of the best chai lattes around. I love sipping on my delicious coffee while relaxing in their cozy shop. It’s heaven!

7. Lori Walker
My favorite coffee order of all time is a pumpkin spice latte. Sadly, that’s a seasonal drink. Darn it! However, recently I’ve discovered a yummy sweet treat. I’ve been ordering a hot white mocha latte from Edison Coffee and it’s delicious!

8. Cindi Howard
I’m absolutely hooked on my CoffeeMate original powdered coffee creamer with one sweet n low. I can’t live without it. However, if I’m going to be buying coffee, my favorite is a vanilla bean frap with one shot and no whip from Starbucks. It’s so yummy!

9. Ginger Eads
My go-to coffee order is always a hot nonfat caramel latte from 151 Coffee. Sometimes you just need something that doesn’t come from the Keurig and that is something that always tastes so good!

10.Tracee Elrod
I started grinding my own coffee grounds in the morning and I’ll never go back. I especially love flavored coffee grounds. The Texas Pecan or Eggnog beans from Central Market are my favorite hands down!

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