Artful Dentistry For Every Smile

If you think going to the dentist is an intimidating – even scary – experience, you’ve never visited Hebron Family Dental in Carrollton. Dr. Rita Kengskool strives to make every dental visit to her practice a pleasant one.

“I believe in performing dentistry in the gentlest way possible,” Dr. Kengskool said. “It should be comfortable, and not at all intimidating.”

After just one visit, you’ll find yourself substituting that word intimidating for impressive.

Hebron Family Dental is a place where the whole family can receive the best dental care, using the latest in dental technology and procedures. Why family dentistry?

“Instilling in children the importance of good oral hygiene at a young age helps them to maintain long-term dental care throughout their entire lives,” Dr. Kengskool explained. The practice offers a wide variety of services for the whole family, such as general, restorative, and cosmetic. Invisalign, the clear alternative to metal braces and a perfect smile, is a popular procedure for Dr. Kengskool. This form of orthodontics doesn’t require as many follow-up appointments as others, and it doesn’t necessitate a full mouth change. Maybe you just have one tooth that’s misaligned, or you’ve had braces, and a couple of teeth have shifted. Invisalign will make that smile perfect a reality.

“I am very meticulous and detail-oriented, and I love the artistic aspect that comes with dentistry,” Dr. Kengskool explained. “It’s the perfect combination of art and science.”

Each patient’s mouth is both her canvas and her masterpiece.

The friendly, knowledgeable team at Hebron Family Dental are compassionate and understand your anxiety. Dr. Kengskool is a strong believer in developing long-term relationships with her patients and strives to make every visit a pleasant one. She thoroughly educates her patients first, answers their questions, and explains everything about a procedure clearly and optimistically.

No two smiles are alike. But Dr. Kengskool and her team at Hebron Family Dental are dedicated not only to making all those different smiles healthy and beautiful, but ensuring they maintain them for life.

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photos courtesy of Caitlin McMillian.

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