Argyle Archery Member Take State Titles

The Argyle archery team is further proof that Argyle ISD really does know how to win — at everything.

While the team itself didn’t take home the top prize from the Texas-NASP State Tournament in March, two of its star archers did. Charleigh Harbison won two state titles in the middle school girls division, taking home first place in both the bullseye and three-dimensional competitions. Meanwhile, Addison Silva won her state title in the elementary school girls bullseye competition. Both girls were also recognized as academic archers.

This is the first time the program has won three state titles in a single season.

“We started very small, and the program has just grown so much,” said Christine Faria, a coach and district liaison for the Argyle archery team. “When we first started all those years ago, I think we had 30 to 50 kids. We had more than 130 kids pre-COVID. We were limited a little bit this year because of COVID-19, but to have three state titles in one year is a big year. We love sharing the kids’ successes. They work hard.”

Archers in fourth grade through high school from all over the state converge at the Bell County Expo Center in Belton, Texas, every year for the two-day event. This year’s showcase was held on March 23 and 24 and featured 103 schools. Argyle ISD had 76 athletes compete from four schools: Argyle High School: Argyle Middle School, Argyle Elementary, and Argyle West Elementary. Harbison represented Argyle Middle School and finished with 289 points. Silva represented Argyle Intermediate School and racked up a staggering 266 points in her one event.

The performance was par for the course for this program, which has continued to churn out incredible archers every year. Their mission statement is to provide students an opportunity to be part of a team where disciplined archery skills are safely taught while developing focus, self-control, patience, and integrity. The Argyle Archery Team promotes sportsmanship, community, and fun through individual and team competition.

This past year certainly put that mindset to the test with COVID-19, but all the players showed just how resilient they are. And now that the dust has settled, they have three state titles to celebrate.

“These kids have been thrown several curveballs in school and with archery,” Faria said. “But they’ve done so well adjusting and being resilient. Any success we have, we want to make sure these girls are acknowledged.”

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photos courtesy of Christine Faria

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