With this worldwide global pandemic, it’s been drilled into our brains that staying home means staying safe. For weeks, our entire world was shut down and we were all advised to stay inside the safety of our homes. Many people have found that these trying times of social distancing and limited outings have been extremely difficult on their mental health. Staring at the same four walls day in and day out can be tolling, which is why many people have chosen to take this opportunity to upgrade their living space into their own personal oasis. Longhorn Screens. Shades. Shutters.  has prided themselves on offering the best customer experience to make your outdoor living space dreams come true.

Longhorn Solar Screens first came to light in 2005. Jeff Rinehart and his wife, Dee, had just moved into their home in Denton. They were swept away with the exciting times of owning a new property that neither of them had noticed that the window in the master bathroom faced west and was getting bombarded by the sun. Jeff and Dee were not about to let one little issue ruin their otherwise perfect dream home. Jeff decided to make a few calls to different companies around the area to get information about how much it would cost to install a solar screen. He was blown away with the outrageously expensive prices that he was being quoted.

Jeff had always had a creative mind and he decided to put that into good use. Jeff made the decision to create the screens himself and was pleased to see how well the end result turned out. Not long after, someone had asked him about his solar screens and whether or not he would be willing to do the same for them. From then on, the customers just kept coming in one after the other. Jeff found that his phone rarely ever stopped ringing which led him to make the decision to quit his day job and begin the journey of owning his own screen business.

In the beginning, Jeff housed his business out of his garage. “It was a cramped space, and a lot of late nights. But you have to start somewhere.” said Jeff. Over the years, Longhorn Solar Screens has expanded their business and revamped the name to Longhorn Screens. Shades. Shutters. Eventually customers started asking for patio screens and interior window treatment options so they began selling more products. They have become the go-to company for window screens, motorized retractable patio screens, screened-in patios, custom plantation shutters, and interior window treatments.

Longhorn uses the best manufacturer of outdoor screens in the industry, Corradi USA. By their use of this incredible, Italian manufacturing company, Longhorn has set themselves apart from every other competing business on the market. The screens are manufactured here locally in Carrollton, Texas. Longhorn also uses local manufacturers for their interior window treatments products as well.

Longhorn Screens. Shades. Shutters. is a family-owned, Denton County-based business that will travel not only all over Denton County but will also expand to certain areas of the DFW Metroplex. They pride themselves on offering a one-of-a-kind one-stop-shop experience for each and every one of their customers. This locally owned business will come to you for a one-on-one consultation about what you are wanting and how to bring your vision to life. You can be rest assured that the company provides the best sales experience in the market with their extremely knowledgeable sales team that will help you make the best decisions for your home. Their expertise in their line of business makes them the perfect company to transform your outdoor living space into your own little piece of paradise or make the inside look and feel amazing with new window treatments and/or plantation shutters.

After having to spend so much time in your own home this last year, it’s easy to realize that you want your home to be truly comfortable. These trying times have opened people’s eyes to the fact that staying at home doesn’t have to be miserable. With a vision, a dream and Longhorn, you can make your home your own little slice of heaven.

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