As you begin creating those New Year’s to-do lists, keep in mind that projects can be exciting, and the rewards enjoyed for years to come. But, as we always say: “Good work ain’t cheap, and cheap work ain’t good.” By hiring legitimate, local contractors, you can protect your investments and give yourself peace of mind – ensuring that your time and money are being well spent. With all the challenges that 2020 brought to us, we find ourselves in a situation where business is good — people are staying home and investing in their properties. Finding work in our industry is easy. Make sure to do your part to ensure you’re actually checking into your contractor options by looking at portfolios and talking to previous clients. It’s way too easy to fall for that lesser price or quicker turn time. If you’ve got to wait a few extra weeks for a quality contractor, they are probably worth it!

January is a great time to get that soft screen planted. Larger shrubs and trees do well when planted in winter due to stored nutrients and the fact that the majority of root growth happens in winter. Everyone appreciates some level of privacy, especially in our larger communities where the lots are closer together. So, take advantage of the cooler temps, and get to work!

While things are dormant, it’s also a perfect time to get in your beds and add some structure. Pots, water and fire features, cedar or iron screen walls, and accent rocks are all great for personalizing your space. If you’ve experienced standing water or drainage issues with the heavy rains we had this season, a dry creek bed might be a great option for you. A contrast of materials, colors, and texture adds so much to the bed spaces as things come alive in the spring.

If you don’t have an outdoor space, January could be the perfect time to get that patio cover drawn up and moving forward. We’ve all been spending a lot more time around the house, so establishing the space and creating your own enjoyable environment is more important than ever. Getting to enjoy a dinner on the patio (rain or shine) or an evening next to the fireplace undercover is an experience you’ll look forward to repeating!

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