A Doctor with Passion for Eyes

Dr. Saied Hashemi, OD, has practiced optometry for more than twenty years. During all that time, his heart nurtured a dream – a dream to have his own stand-alone clinic. This long-held dream became a reality in March of this year 2021, when Dr. Saied Hashemi, his staff and his family gathered to cut a giant red ribbon, marking the official welcome to Castle Hills Eye Care in Carrollton.

The staff Carolina Mercado, Sanaz Sobhani and Tori Marsh, the office manager, have been part of the dream since the beginning and now stand inside the reality. “I was born and raised in Carrollton and now I’m proud to be managing and leading this office to success,” Ms. Marsh explains. “We didn’t know what to expect with today’s covid economy and did not know how the grand opening would turn out but the community has been extremely supportive and as the word gets around, we continue to grow with newly referred patients.”

“This clinic is literally a dream-come-true. Both the Doctor and his wife, Paris, put so much of themselves into even the smallest of designs here. For instance, Paris designed the front desk from a drawing she made on a piece of paper and the whole office was designed around that front desk. Dr. Hashemi himself spent nearly 2 years searching for a prime location that would be both spacious and close to his previous independent practice in The Colony which eventually led him to Castle Hills,” Mrs. Marsh said.

The clinic caters to all ages with a wide range of services. Dr. Hashemi is considered a Therapeutic Optometrist and has been awarded the title Diplomate by the American Board of Optometry through vigorous certification on the process. As a Diplomate, he is committed to providing the highest quality

patient care and engaging in lifelong learning and self-assessment. Dr. Hashemi strongly believes in comprehensive eye care and specializes in long-term care for Glaucoma, Dry Eyes and Diabetic eye diseases. Outside of his passion for eyes he is a family man with 3 beautiful children and loves to work with his younger patients.

“I think the best way to describe Dr. Hashemi is to say he truly cares for every patient. It comes from his heart, and he does everything he can to make patients feel like family members,” Marsh said. “One of our community outreach programs is a partnership with the Salva on Army. They send us one person each month for an eye exam and glasses. Also, we donate five percent of our profits to them from our special events. It’s another way Dr. Hashemi gives back.”

The office also provides emergency last-minute eye care services. Their extensive examinations are designed to screen for all ocular diseases as well as to identify any systemic diseases.

“We always make sure new patients know they need to set aside at least an hour for their first visit,” Marsh said. “Doctor Hashemi looks at everything and evaluates all his findings before proceeding with any treatment plans or recommendations.”

“There’s something else that I believe defines Dr. Hashemi’s heart,” Marsh continued. “The new clinic allows him to live his dream but, at the same me, he didn’t abandon his previous patients. He kept Eye Exam Pros, located inside of The Colony Walmart, so as to continue serving the patients with insurance we can’t see at our Castle Hills location. We also continue to have the same lower fees and have not increased our prices.”

Opening the doors to Castle Hills Eye Care also provides Dr. Hashemi the latitude to grow into new services. One of those is done with a recently acquired Optos machine. Especially beneficial for diabetic patients, the machine produces a huge picture of the back of the eye without the need for dilation drops. Also, a new Dry Eye Treatment was accomplished through Zocular, a process that uses a substance made from the “slime” found in okra to clean all the pores on the eyelid! This procedure helps enhance tear quality and reduces dry eyes. And for an even more Eye Rising treatment, they have the New UpNeeq eye drop that literally raises your eyelids without surgery. This treatment is effective for patients with droopy eyelids or people who like to have wider eyes during a zoom meeting.

“Honestly? We’re the place where people come after they’ve been to one of the vision chains. Sadly, in today’s world, it’s no longer about people,” Marsh stressed, “but that isn’t the case at Castle Hills Eye Care. Dr. Hashemi’s heart is open for every person coming through our doors. We want you to be as comfortable with us as your own family. We stand by our services and products and ensure full satisfaction.”

Check out the Castle Hills Eye Care website the next to me you have a few spare minutes. You’ll be amazed at the interesting reading you’ll find.

“Everybody’s heard about the eyes being the windows of the soul. Well, they’re also a reflection of what’s going on with your physical health. Diabetes? Your eyes reflect that. Thyroid disease? Your eyes reflect that. High Blood Pressure? Again, your eyes reflect that and so much more.

For instance, did you know exercise can slow, or even prevent, the development of macular degeneration? It can. It also can have positive effects on glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. And did you know gazing into your partner’s eyes for three minutes can result in synchronized heartbeats? It can! And remember when your mom warned you to not cross your eyes as a kid, telling you they could stick in that position? She was wrong! They won’t stick but you may get a headache!

Check it out. And make an appointment at Castle Hills Eye Care for your next eye exam.


For more information please visit their website at: https://www.castlehillseyecare.com/

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