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Danielle Cornett had no intentions of becoming a fitness club owner in 2019. And if you ask her today, she will tell you it is an amazing experience owning Shapes.

“The women that walk through our door inspire and empower each other daily. It’s so gratifying seeing the community the Shapes staff and our members have built in a short period of time,” she said.

Danielle wanted to make a positive impact, invest in her community, and run a business that would do its part to inspire and uplift women of all ages. Whether it’s your first time in a fitness club, or you’re a seasoned veteran, Shapes offers something for every woman. Danielle also wanted Shapes to be a symbol of representation and something women in the community could take inspiration from day after day.

“My vision from day one was to build a fitness community for women so they would be comfortable in a non-intimidating environment, while excelling and enjoying their fitness journey,” she said.

Although still a young company, Danielle and the Shapes community continually give back by supporting other small businesses. Most recently, Danielle started Marvelous Monday Boss Babes through social media to promote women-owned businesses in the community. Each week, she promotes a business, and it is highlighted through her social media channels.

Rahna, a Shapes member, said, “What I cannot emphasize enough is her love for supporting other businesses. Her love for her community is not selfish, for her own growth, or financial gain. She wants the small businesses to succeed, and she wants to help. That is one of my favorite parts about her. Her phrase ‘Babes Support Babes’ is pretty relevant here.”

Another way Danielle gives back is through local charities she and husband Clint support. This includes Ally’s Wish, Mission Moms, and Sadie’s Sleigh.

“The community supports Shapes, so we make every effort to support local charities that are doing great things,” Danielle said.

Ally’s Wish co-founder, Missy Phipps said, “Danielle has probably the biggest heart that I know, and not just for her family, but for her friends and the people she works with. I think her mission in life is to serve, and I think she does it well! When she joined us at Ally’s Wish, it was a game-changer. When she gives, she gives 100% – and that’s what she did. She has helped us tremendously. We’ve been able to grant so many wishes to terminally ill moms. She’s an encourager, cheerleader, and motivator. And she loves people!”

Danielle has a passion for fitness and people. She teaches many fitness classes weekly, personal trains, and pushes every member to be the best version of themselves. For Danielle and the Shapes staff, it’s all about inspiring, motivating, and uplifting women while helping members reach their fitness goals.

Bonnie, a Shapes member said, “Personally, Danielle brought me back. I’m an active person, and I suffered a severe ski injury.  Even though I could not walk or even drive, Danielle explored with me what I could do instead of dwelling on what I couldn’t.  She would not let me give up. Danielle multiplies the energy and positive attitude within her to everyone around her. She simply makes everyone want more, push harder, and believe so much more in themselves. It is obvious that Danielle is fulfilled each day by others reaching small milestones towards their goal.”

Danielle agreed.

“I know my purpose is not just to train and teach a great class but to help motivate and build confidence,” she said. “I want every woman to leave Shapes feeling more empowered and confident than when they walked in the door.”

For Danielle and the Shapes staff, it’s all about the members and building a community of inspiration, empowerment, and Babes Supporting Babes.

Aldi, a newer member, came in with her three young kids four months ago and was very shy and new to fitness.

“She started slowly taking classes and improved each time. Next thing I knew she was taking two in a row and working to full intensity with each one,” Cornett said. “The weight started dropping off (more than 30 pounds), but more importantly, her smile started getting bigger every time I saw her. You could see her confidence starting to shine through. I now see her daily in the club working out and strength training on her own. She is goal crushing.”

Cornett added, “I love seeing her focused and working hard knowing that she is gaining so much more than just a strong body, but confidence in herself. It fills my heart. And knowing her three young children are seeing their mom becoming stronger and a more confident woman is bigger than she even knows. If I can be any kind of influence to women, it is to be confident, be kind, and live with a giving heart.”

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photo courtesy of Shapes Fitness for Women

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