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A Colorful Perspective Sets Them Apart

While there are multiple area places that help youth with their mental health challenges, Bricolage Behavioral Health believes its unique approach makes it stand out from the rest. 


“What sets us apart is our outcome-focused approach and general layout. We foster a very creative environment and place a heavy emphasis on providing a higher standard of care combined with concierge-style organization,” said Kelly Mayper, who with her two partners opened the Flower Mound practice in 2019.


Bricolage works exclusively with children and adolescents ages 7-18 years and offers a multitude of creative and dynamic therapies including art, music, yoga and meditation, dance and movement, and recreational. 


The practice features three licensed clinical social workers, one licensed professional counselor, and one double-board certified psychiatrist. Also helping patients every day is Waverly, an 11-year-old emotional support Doodle.


Like most mental health facilities, Bricolage has dealt with many clients who came to the facility based on stress caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Many have felt socially isolated and have struggled to adjust to changes in family dynamics brought on by the pandemic. 


“In a world of gray treatment options, we are proud to be a rainbow,” Mayper said. 


For more information, visit bricolagebehavorial.com. 

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