Virtual Weddings 10 Ways To Include Guests

To Wedding or Not to Wedding is probably the new norm when planning a marriage. Especially when you have to choose some guests to attend in-person and some to attend virtually. So, how do you include these guests in your upcoming virtual bash?

1. Pre-party? Yes, please!

Pre-parties have become crucial in virtual celebrations. It allows guests who won’t be attending in person to still dance, sing, and spend time with the happy couple and other guests.

2. Do a check-in with your guests.

Your special day is going to be one of the biggest, busiest days of your life. But be sure to take a moment to check in on your guests, and make sure that they know you appreciate them being there for you – even if they couldn’t be there in person.

3. Have a virtual lounge reception.

A DJ, venue coordinator, or videographer should be able to help you set up an interactive large screen so that your in-person and virtual guests can greet each other and speak to each other during downtime.

4. Fill in the downtime.

Naturally, all of your guests are there because they love you and your beloved-to-be. But downtime in-person and downtime from a distance are very different. Rather than having your virtual loved ones watch their in-person counterparts wait, fill the downtime with montages or videos.

5. A virtual celebration needs tech coordinators.

With all the little tech stuff that goes into a virtual celebration, you’ll want at least one tech-savvy person on board (though the more, the merrier)! They will help you with any issues, ensure that all of your guests will get the best experience possible, and keep any entertainment for your virtual guests flowing smoothly.

6. Designated spots for your streaming device.

This small detail is one of the most important. Pick the perfect spot for your streaming device to sit. Ensure that it will show you and your spouse clearly, with no distractions or obstructions in view.

7. Wedding boxes to the rescue!

This is a fantastic way to keep your guests feeling like they are right in the middle of the action! Coordinate sending out boxes full of all the favors, snacks, and drinks that your in-person guests will have — a few balloons, centerpieces, champagne, snacks, and anything else you can think of to really give a full experience.

8. Have some fun with games!

Regardless of if you’re a whiz at party games like 2 Truths & a Lie or Who Knows the Couple Best, or you’d prefer to go with an online service that specializes in digital party games, give your guests something fun to do during dinner.

9. Music to move your virtual crew.

What better way to celebrate than to let loose and dance? There are plenty of ways to keep the tunes pumping, whether you want to include your playlist or invite your virtual pals to add their own music to set the mood.

10. Keep everyone involved by giving them time to do readings or toasts.

Even if some of your closest friends and family members have to attend virtually, a tech guy on-sight can help give your virtual loved ones the spotlight for toasts and readings. This can really let them know you care.

There are several ways to incorporate your guests – including letting your virtual guests help make decorations beforehand – but these are some of the best ways.

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