5 Things to Do: Girl’s Night in Ideas

1) Wine Walk
Are you wanting a fun girl’s night in? A wine walk is the perfect activity. All you’ll need is a glass of wine and a comfortable pair of shoes. Just sip your wine and chit-chat with your girls. There is truly no better therapy.


2) Charming Charcuterie Night
Who doesn’t love a good charcuterie board? And a charming rom-com to pair it with? Yes, please! Get your girls together and pick out your most charming leading man and the best charcuterie there is and have yourself the greatest girl’s night ever!


3) Pajama Party
Let’s take it back to our favorite childhood memories – pajama parties. Get your girls together for a night in. The only requirement? You have to show up in your pajamas. Order a pizza, make cocktails, and talk all about boys, boys, boys.


4) Book Club
Does your group of girls love a good book? A book club might be the perfect night in for you! Most people know the basics of a book club, but if you don’t, all you have to do is pick a book in advance, have your friends read it, then get together and discuss it. Add in a few snacks and drinks and you have a girl’s night in success!


5) Around the World
If you haven’t had an around-the-world girl’s night in, you have to give it a try. Every girl brings a dish from another country and you all get to experience foods from around the world. Pick out your favorite movie that was filmed on destination (maybe Mamma Mia?) and enjoy your girl’s night in.

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