Top of the Real Estate Charts

Lisa Dyer

Lisa Dyer has sold real estate for four years, the last two of those for Tru-Home. She was the firm’s top solo agent in 2021 and is recognized as a top-producing agent in DFW. She’s well-informed about the current market and the 2022 trends.

“We don’t have enough homes to sell,” Dyer said. “The inventory is incredibly low. It takes longer for builders to build because supply chains have been severely impacted, and materials are more expensive. I’m doing a lot of new construction contracts, but at the same time, many developers are building only spec homes. That means what you see is what you get, with no changes in items such as carpet, tile, flooring, or wallcovering.”

Special talents are required to maneuver successfully in today’s sometimes crazy market. The successful agent must think on his/her feet while being simultaneously creative and proactive.

“I stay on top of new developments,” Dyer continued. “An important part of my job is to be educated and informed about current trends. I’m not just selling homes. I also need to know, if a new homeowner asks, about trustworthy and reliable service people such as plumbers, electricians, insurance agents, and more. They look to me to help them throughout the entire home-buying experience. Many times, that extends beyond the final closing date.”

Dyer focuses her strongest attention on the pulse of the Dallas/Fort Worth market, but she also gives frequent glances to other states. “The future market may contract in some areas, but not here,” she insists. “The prediction is for 10-million people to reside in the DFW area by 2030. We’re currently around seven million, so that means another three million will be relocating to this area over the next eight years.”

Dyer further adds, “COVID-19 pushed a lot of people to re-evaluate their lifestyles. Many now require an at-home office. Some want more space. Some are retirees. Others move to the area for new jobs, for lifestyle choices, or to be closer to their adult kids.

“Whatever their reasons, people must have a place to live, and I would like to help as many of them as possible to find a home they’ll be proud of and love.”

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