2021 Wellness Trends To Find Your Bliss

Many popular fitness and health trends came to light over the past year, from telehealth to wellness coaching and better health monitoring. Now that 2021 is here, we have even more wellness trends to consider. Here are just a few that will define 2021.

Wellness Ecosystems

With more people staying home, this year will be filled with all types of home-based wellness trends. One that’s becoming very popular is the planning and creation of wellness ecosystems within homes. Implementing this concept in your household means that you can improve any indoor influences on your health, whether it’s the technology you regularly use or the architecture within rooms. For example, Circadian lighting is indoor lighting that can help improve your sleep by mimicking the natural patterns of sunlight. Air purifiers are becoming common in many households as people have become more aware of poor air quality outside their homes. The colors, designs, and other elements of your home’s architecture can affect stress and overall comfort levels. You can bet more people will make these subtle changes in the months to come.

Immunity Hacks

Immunity and improving it is likely to be a hot trend over the next few years for two reasons. First, genetic testing to identify weaknesses in the immune system has become much more common over the past few years. It’s more affordable and reliable than ever before, so many people are becoming interested in having their DNA tested. Also, the COVID-19 pandemic reminded many people of their own mortality, and many have begun to question their immune strength. Without immunity, you can’t possibly find bliss when illnesses or disorders can occur out of nowhere at any time. That’s why immunity hacks are predicted to be a major theme in 2021. By improving your diet, utilizing new health technologies, and being more mindful of your sleep and physical activity, a strengthened immune system can ensure that your 2021 is a healthy and blissful one.

Focus on Mental Health

Society as a whole has made major strides in recognizing and treating mental health. All indicators point toward 2021 as the year where mental health will be brought to the forefront and prioritized. A major catalyst for this was the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. Stress, depression, and anxiety all took center stage, with many people becoming worried about the future while being isolated during home lockdowns. Tele-health became crucial for healthcare providers who needed to treat mental disorders from a safe distance. While general wellness and health can contribute to your happiness, true bliss can’t be achieved without mental stability. In Denton County, there’s currently one mental health care provider for every 1,257 residents. While this isn’t too out of the ordinary compared to other Texas counties, it means that taking preventative measures is important for everyone. Mental health trends predicted for 2021 should be embraced and integrated into your everyday routine. This includes taking care of yourself by ensuring that you’re remaining socially active, opening up to others about your feelings, and taking up hobbies that enrich your quality of life.

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