10 Hot Backyard Decorating Tips

1. Using Your Backyard As An Office

Many people have found themselves moving their office space to their home in the past year. It can be draining looking at the same four walls day in and day out, not to mention the distractions that come from having your home also function as your office. You might find a change of scenery much more appealing by taking the office outdoors to a serene backyard. Just add a functional wooden desk and connect your computer to a hotspot. You might find that some fresh air will do a world of difference.

2. Adding A Pergola

With the summer months fast approaching, it’s safe to say that Texas is about to start heating up. So that you are able to enjoy the peace and beauty of the outdoors during those scorching summer months, it might be a good idea to look into adding a pergola to your outdoor oasis. The added shade will allow relief from the sun so that you are able to entertain and relax outside all summer long.

3. Creating A Garden Of Food To Enjoy

Not only is it super convenient to have food ready to eat growing in your backyard, but it can also be extremely beautiful. The different vibrant colors of the vegetable and fruits add a positive and joyful appearance. You can also dress up your garden by adding raised garden beds and beautiful pots to decorate your outdoor living space.

4. Borrowing a view

Do you ever wish that you had more yard to admire? Sometimes, we have bigger dreams than what our actual space will allow. This is where borrowing a view comes into play. If you have a neighbor that shares your love for a beautiful outdoor space, you could create a doorway or fence leading from your yard that makes it appear that your yard goes on far longer than it actually does.

5. Creating The Mood You Desire

If you aren’t looking to create a more livable and entertainable outdoor space, you might consider transforming your backyard oasis into a place that will enhance your mood. You could add bright colors to create a joyful presence, or you could even look into creating a beautiful and relaxing waterfall to add tranquility to your life.

6. It’s Time To Play

With so many families choosing to place their children in at-home learning, it can be hard to help children find a way to release all of that pent-up energy from staying inside all day. You could choose to create an outdoor fun space for your kids by adding in artificial turf or even multipurpose concrete pads for a small basketball court. Another fun option if you have trees is to add a hanging swing from the branches.

7. Expanding To The Front

With the recent social distancing that we’ve put in place, you might have found yourself missing the interactions of your neighbors and friends. By making your front yard more livable, you will be able to interact with friends while also having your own space. You could add a beautiful fire pit or create a front patio with rockers and lounge chairs to enjoy the company of your friends and neighbors.

8. Making Your Space Environmentally-Friendly

The desire for more low-maintenance and sustainable yards is growing every day. With people’s busy schedules, it’s not always feasible to keep on top of taking care of outdoor plants. You could consider adding in more pollinator plants that are attracting more birds and bees – such as lavenders or plants that have berries. These plants don’t take much effort, and they also give back to the environment.

9. Firescaping

With the outrageous number of wildfires that have taken place around our country in recent years, it’s understandable that people might want to take safety precautions by adding fire-resistant landscapes. By adding plants that have moist leaves closest to the house such as coral bells and low-growing sages, it helps to protect your home from damage.

10. Adding Side Gates

A new pandemic-approved addition is to add a side gate to your backyard living space. By adding a side gate, you can feel safe in having friends and family come to join you in relaxing in the comfort of your updated outdoor living area. With a side gate, your guests can avoid walking through the privacy of your home and can easily just go straight through to your backyard.

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